Anglican Independent Communion – Original Province

3 001_editedThe Anglican Independent Communion – Original Province claims her Patrimony from the  Mother Orthodox Church of the British Isles.  This Mission was firmly Established as the First Great Patriarchate of the Western Church sometime around 36 A.D.  The Council of Arles in 314 A.D. was ably represented by those Bishops who stood in Direct Succession to St. Joseph of Arimathea.  His Missionary efforts are well Documented by various credible sources from within and outside of the Church’s History.

The Unique position Mater Orthodoxa Ecclesia Anglicana (the Mother Orthodox Church of England) holds within Christendom is one of her many virtues.  During the Centuries after she was Established Ecclesia Anglicana followed the Liturgical Customs  and Calendar to be found within the Traditions of the Eastern Church and  Western Church all throughout the British Kingdom while growing up alongside of Rome in Italy.

Sadly, there were periods in her History when Papal Rome (the Council of Trent) and Protestant Canterbury (the 39 Articles of Religion) exerted undue influence on Ecclesia Anglicana due to weak Monarch’s on the Throne at those times.  Fortunately, there has always been a strong element within the Leadership of the Church of England who kept a healthy balance of Scripture complemented by Tradition that carried the day for her.  This came to be called the Via Media or Middle Way.

In the latter 1970’s it became necessary for Traditional Orthodox Anglicans Worldwide to follow the lead of their Fore-bearers and Organize themselves motivated by the same zeal of St. Joseph of Arimathea.   Once more with a firm resolve  Clergy and Laity alike set out to replant the Truth of Mater Orthodoxa  Ecclesia  Anglicana on their native soil.

It was this Spirit that overtook ++Peter Compton-Caputo and his small band of Clergy and Laity to Organize themselves into small groups of worshiping communities  in various Cities on the East Coast of the USA. This Missionary Work evolved into the Anglican Independent Communion.

We continue on in that Tradition and Welcome all those who seek to rid themselves of the extremes of the Roman Church and Evangelical Protestantism.   And also avoiding the rank liberalism of Doctrine, Moral Decadence and Irreverently  Modernistic Liturgical Customs introduced by the heretical Churches of the Canterbury Communion.  In this land now calling herself the Episcopal Church.

We Invite all Clergy and Laity who seek to Worship Almighty God in Spirit and in Truth to our Altars, Pulpits and Pews.