A Local Parochial Living Witness of the Christ Founded
Ancient Church of the British Isles
Established at Glastonbury circa 36 A.D. by the First British Patriarch St. Joseph of Arimathea
Traditional Western Sarum Rite Christianity

Here you will Find and Experience

  • Bible Based Preaching – Traditional Family Values
  • The 1611 King James Bible in its entirety
  • The 1928 Book of Common Prayer
  • The American Anglican Missal

The Ancient Sarum  Corinthian Rite of The Salisbury Cathedral as Modified and Celebrated by P.G. Medd+ adapted for local parochial use.

Our Clergy wear Traditional Old Style Vestments. Our female members follow the directive of St. Paul the Apostle and wear head veils during all Services of Public Worship. We take no shortcuts in the Celebration of any Sacramental  Rite  or Liturgical Ceremony. All Services Conducted Decently in Order with Dignity.


Welcome to the Manse and Chapel of St Mary Magdalene on the Hill in Exeter, Missouri, staffed by the Rexist Brothers & Sisters of the Order of Christ Our Most Holy Redeemer and Heavenly King.

A full schedule of traditional worship is observed. The Chapel preserves the Orthodox Faith through traditional (“continuing”) Anglicanism. The Holy Eucharist and all other Rites and Sacraments are celebrated weekly or daily and depending on the feast or day of the week in the Chapel adjacent to the Manse or in the Oratory within it.

Located on the Grounds are the Manse which houses the Pastoral Center, the Archbishop John Charles Maier, OCR, Theological Library & Archives,  the Christ the King Oratory (used for smaller Liturgical Celebrations) and the Living Quarters for the Rexists in Residence.

The Chapel is appointed with Antiques & Liturgical Relics from many Chapels, Churches and Oratories and used in Service by those Saintly men and women who were the fore-bearers of our glorious Tradition. It is hallmarked with a framed Icon of St. Joseph of Arimathea encased with a cutting of the Glastonbury Thorn, a unique framed image of St. Mary Magdalene that captivates all who gaze upon it, a Statue of St. Augustine of Hippo in full Pontificals from the historic Cathedral pastored by Archbishop Emile Rodriguez y Fairfield in East Los Angeles, California dating back to the early 1900s, a framed Parchment Document some 200 years old issued by a French Archbishop, and the Cathedra (chair) of Archbishop John Barwell-Walker, sixth Prince de San Luigi (as Edmond I).

We invite you to experience something of our unique ethos through this website, and where possible to visit personally to join our Christ-centred community as we share our journey of faith.